Pack using your head and your heart

It’s not easy being practical when deciding what You beauty to pack and there is always that temptation to bring cherished personal belongings such as books, letters or fluffy toys. Whatever you bring, make sure that is will be something that IPS you think might help your chances of succeeding.

This includes practical items such as study materials IPS, old class notes, favorite textbooks or pens and even the contact details of previous teachers. It might also include some small luxuries such as study music or well-packaged snack foods. Items of sentimental value such as a flipbook with photographs of family and friends or a favorite item of clothing can help you feel closer to home IPS.

Hazelnut Chai Popsicles

These Hazelnut Chai Popsicles are perfect for summer and easy to make! They are made with hazelnut milk, which adds a light nutty taste. Warm up with the chai spices and cool off with the ice popsicles simultaneously california fitness. They are dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts is Pip’s Original, a mini doughnut and chai shop in Portland. I stalk this account because it makes me drool, and for a food lover (or a little baby), drooling is a good thing! Just this week, Pip posted a photo of a chai popsicle and as expected, I drooled mask house.

I wish I could give the ones at Pip’s a try, but until I make a trip to Portland, my imagination and these Hazelnut Chai Popsicles will have to hold me over.

These Hazelnut Chai Popsicles are spicy, sweet, icy and warming all at once. It makes you feel like you’re relaxing in front of a cozy fireplace in your robe and slippers, but at the same time, you’re cooling off by the pool with something ice cold California Fitness. It’s like being on a vacation and staycation at the same time. That blows my mind a little. I don’t know how that’s possible, but that’s what it did for me. So if you’re looking for that little paradoxical getaway towards the end of summer, give this a try!