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Anyone else excited about Victor Frankenstein coming out next month? James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe? Sign me up. I’m pretty sure the new Frankenstein’s monster won’t look anything like these marshmallow pops, but we’re going for classic kitsch here HKUE ENG.

These little monsters were a little more challenging than I anticipated when I saw the original recipe. I didn’t figure that candy melts would be quite so timely in their handling, but they are. Don’t let that prevent you from trying these out, though! The end results are totally worth it, especially for a Halloween party, where these will be transported this October 31st cloupor.

Plus, edible eyeballs make everything extra fun.

The trick here is to reheat the candy whenever it starts to harden even a little bit. I eventually got the hang of the smoothing process on the marshmallow, but just accepted that they may not end up perfect. No biggie since I’ll be making these in bulk anyway. Learn from me and these will be a cinch for you horizon!

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