a fluffier cupcake

My taste tester, aka my husband, loved them. They have a perfect hint of strawberry in them and when garnished with a sliver of strawberry on top it kicked it into a whole new level.

They could perhaps almost be qualified as a muffin. The added cake flour made for a fluffier cupcake since it allowed more air bubbles in the mixture. Once you get the frosting on top though there will be in no doubt they are a perfect healthier alternative to the traditional cupcake. Did I mention I have a deep, deep love for frosting? The sad part is it’s hard to adapt frosting without the sugar since be default it is literally sugar. But, I’ve found the cream cheese has been able to help with lowering the amount of sugar used to achieve the results needed.

Now, two things I must warn you about. First the frosting, it doesn’t handle the heat well. So, if you are making these for a outdoor event or if you are cheap on your A/C use like I am and the house is at 78 degrees, I’d advise you to keep these refrigerated till they are ready to eat. Second thing is with the slice of strawberry on top, they tend to have juices in the strawberries so I would advise not to garnish them until you are ready to serve. Otherwise the juices from the strawberry can mess with the frosting a little. Oh did I mention each cupcake WITH the frosting is 158 calories and literally HALF the sugar content as a normal size cupcake. Booya.