baking ingredients

I was calculating how much baking ingredients I would need to feed 23 kids and 9 adults “space cupcakes” and “wookie” cookies, and realized just how perfect my blog name is based on how much butter I need … 5 lbs!! Craziness.

Browned butter is amazing. It’s basically butter that has all the water boiled out of it, and what is left cooks until the milk solids are toasted and delicious! The nutty flavour adds so much more to your recipes, and is so easy to make. You just can’t walk away from it while it’s cooking, or it will burn. I’ve found that I’m revamping all my butter-based recipes to see which ones taste better with browned butter.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to only using it in baked goods. It’s also makes pasta really happy. You could add other flavours to it while it’s cooking (fresh Rosemary or Thyme for example). I want to try it on pancakes next time

It makes me happy.