but no one noticed

It was a whirlwind of a weekend – we went on a quick getaway to Michigan with good friends to visit a favorite brewery, then returned Sunday morning to squeeze in a shoot before heading to a family dinner. I was set on making a strawberry-rhubarb pie, but could not find rhubarb anywhere. After three unsuccessful market attempts, I decided to use granny smith apples instead. I just wanted a combination of sweet & tart…wow…

The recipe was super easy to put together and due to lack of time & ingredients, I didn’t make my own pie crust. I also cut out a lot of the sugar that a lot of pie recipes call for, because the strawberries are plenty sweet on their own. My mom taught me that… and yes, I even used her secret ingredient like I did with her apple pie recipe from last year. It was delicious. I totally forgot the butter while juggling the baking and setting the stage, but no one noticed. No leftovers! Recipe success!

And, on a photography note, this was probably one of my best shoots so far… Feeling really excited about this one.