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It’s a rather lengthy story

This very simple dish is one of my childhood favourites. I was pleasantly surprise how easy it was to cook it – it’s pretty much a one bowl meal (i.e. chuck it all on a heat-proof bowl and set it off to steam). You may be a little apprehensive with the fungus especially if you’ve never heard or seen it before. It’s also known as jelly fungus, black fungus and cloud ears fungus. The names are obviously  linked to its odd shape and colour. Nutritionally, this fungus is a bit of a super hero. It is rich in iron – believed to enrich blood and prevent iron deficiency. It may effectively reduce blood pressure, and thought to lower LDL cholesterol levels; it is also said to nourish the lungs, liver and stomach, alleviate dryness and promote circulation in the body.

You can read more about it here. Wood ear fungus is mainly sold in dried form so before using, you will need to soak it in water for about 15 – 20 minutes. It will expand two to three times its packaged size. Rinse the fungus and trim the hardy bits off, which are the stems. It’s a pretty versatile ingredient – which can be used in stews, soups, steamed dishes like this one, and stir-fries.

It’s a little crunchy in texture but it depends on how long it has been cooked. The longer it is on the stove, the softer it becomes. This dish also includes other super sexy foods like goji berries, dried Chinese mushrooms, sesame oil, ginger and a nice splash of ginger wine – all great for this frosty winter. Some day, remind me to explain the basics of Chinese nutrition. It’s a rather lengthy story.

but no one noticed

It was a whirlwind of a weekend – we went on a quick getaway to Michigan with good friends to visit a favorite brewery, then returned Sunday morning to squeeze in a shoot before heading to a family dinner. I was set on making a strawberry-rhubarb pie, but could not find rhubarb anywhere. After three unsuccessful market attempts, I decided to use granny smith apples instead. I just wanted a combination of sweet & tart…wow…

The recipe was super easy to put together and due to lack of time & ingredients, I didn’t make my own pie crust. I also cut out a lot of the sugar that a lot of pie recipes call for, because the strawberries are plenty sweet on their own. My mom taught me that… and yes, I even used her secret ingredient like I did with her apple pie recipe from last year. It was delicious. I totally forgot the butter while juggling the baking and setting the stage, but no one noticed. No leftovers! Recipe success!

And, on a photography note, this was probably one of my best shoots so far… Feeling really excited about this one.

Eastern European

A few months ago I marched THBBF (The Hungry Babushka Boyfriend) off to the naturopath to try and get some answers to his tiredness and general run-down-ness.  Most women would agree that getting their man to go to the Dr is a task in itself.  I mean, their limb could be dangling off and they’d still try to convince you that all it needs is a bandaid.  So asking a man that has tried just about every form of “conventional” medicine to cough up over a thousand bucks to visit an alternative therapist is kind of like pissing in the wind vacuum cleaner.

Thankfully, my pissing in the wind eventually resulted in THBBF pissing in a cup (and being jabbed repeatedly with needles) only to come home with a rather shocking report card – my boyfriend, my soulmate, my trusty taste-tester had an intolerance to just about EVERY.  FOOD.  IMAGINABLE Piano.

I won’t bore you with the details (I mean, who doesn’t have a food intolerance these days) but we basically banished every single food from his diet.  When he got sick of eating lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner we threw the towel in and went back to normal eating.  Well, all except one thing – gluten.  I am the first person to admit that I’m not super strict on this (I stress THBBF is non-celiac gluten intolerant, so he won’t die – mainly gluten-laden things like wheat bread and pasta were given the flick) after all, how the hell does an Eastern European recipe developer give wheat marching orders?  As far as I am concerned life without puff pastry is a life not worth living designer brands for less.

baking ingredients

I was calculating how much baking ingredients I would need to feed 23 kids and 9 adults “space cupcakes” and “wookie” cookies, and realized just how perfect my blog name is based on how much butter I need … 5 lbs!! Craziness.

Browned butter is amazing. It’s basically butter that has all the water boiled out of it, and what is left cooks until the milk solids are toasted and delicious! The nutty flavour adds so much more to your recipes, and is so easy to make. You just can’t walk away from it while it’s cooking, or it will burn. I’ve found that I’m revamping all my butter-based recipes to see which ones taste better with browned butter.

You don’t even have to limit yourself to only using it in baked goods. It’s also makes pasta really happy. You could add other flavours to it while it’s cooking (fresh Rosemary or Thyme for example). I want to try it on pancakes next time

It makes me happy.

Nutritious Kitchen

Well I am back at it! Something had me craving a classic whole grain blueberry waffle smothered in maple syrup, so naturally I made just that alexander hera pre wedding.

People always ask me where my inspiration for recipes come from and in all honesty they get created based on my hunger and cravings. Lucky for you, I was born with an everlasting love for sweets and breakfast food. Pair that with my healthy lifestyle and you got yourself a Nutritious Kitchen website 😉

Blueberry waffles are the perfect brunch food. And it just so happens that mother’s day is this Sunday. Last week I posted 15 brunch ideas to treat your mamma to, and that got me into the “brunch” mood. Well let’s be honest, I am ALWAYS in the mood for brunch usb dac.

My ideal day consists of breakfast, brunch and brinner. With a dessert to finish it all off of course. Dream life.

This past weekend I threw a pre-mother’s day brunch for my mom and these waffles were the main event along with some scrambled eggs and turkey on the side to get in that protein! We both had a good workout that day so a decadent brunch was much needed designer sales.

we made it fancy

when we lived in Santa Barbara, CA, and then farther afield in Friday Harbor, WA, my mom and dad always made a point of coming to visit for my kids’ birthdays. Every year, weeks before their birthdays, my girls began anticipating their grandparents’ arrival from the San Francisco Bay Area. The simple, yet extraordinary presence of Grandma and Papa somehow signaled the beginning of the birthday festivities facial treatment.

Now, unbelievably, we’re back in California living a mere 30 minutes from my parents.  While we haven’t lived here long enough to celebrate the girls’ birthdays in our new home, I know, come February, and then April, my parents will be here spreading birthday cheer in that special way only grandparents can.

When my daughters realized my dad’s birthday was just around the corner, they felt thoroughly astonished that we’d never been to any of his birthday parties;   right then, we decided to throw a surprise birthday dinner to start making up for lost time.   The girls brainstormed some pretty awesome ideas for our celebration, many of which involved cakes with multiple tiers in a variety of shapes.  When I reminded them that only six of us would attend the party, they reluctantly agreed that a small layer cake would do — so long as we made it fancy Loan.

I can’t remember which of the girls came up with the idea of a balloon cake, but the more we talked about it, the more perfect the cake sounded.  Basic shapes and bold colors would come together in a simple but striking design.

The day of the party, we topped our 8-inch layer cake with sky-blue fondant.  This cake required only one batch of marshmallow fondant, which simplified its assembly.  We colored about two-thirds of the fondant blue and used the remainder to create several colors for the the balloons cheap designer handbags.

running sessions

A chiropractor once said that to me there is no running injuries, only lifestyle injuries. Our modern lifestyles have us sitting in the most awkward positions for way too long a time, e.g. at the desk in the office, with awkward postures, e.g. bent over to look down onto the laptop, with the right arm and shoulder being overused through the computer mouse, sitting on mal-fitted chairs with no lower back support. Then we come home and slouch on the sofa. We sit too much. We move too little. We eat too much, and/or the wrong foods. We sleep too little. And our lives are too crammed with things that we think need to be done wine tasting .

Our postures change through lifestyle. Imbalances are being created for which we may pay our price with stiff shoulders and necks, sore hands and arms, or lower back pain. We pay the price when we exercise and develop alleged sports injuries. The body tries to compensate the weakness/imbalance with overusing other muscles which in return may put extra stress on bones, joints and ligaments Touch Overlay.

My lifestyle injury is a weak right hip. A very experienced South African running coach with whom I met at a mutual friends’ house last week told me that. We were talking about the last running season and I mentioned that I didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I used to, partly because I was forced to manage injuries while training. My weak hip causes groin and pubic bone pain after hard or long running sessions iphone 4 screen protector.