Nutritious Kitchen

Well I am back at it! Something had me craving a classic whole grain blueberry waffle smothered in maple syrup, so naturally I made just that alexander hera pre wedding.

People always ask me where my inspiration for recipes come from and in all honesty they get created based on my hunger and cravings. Lucky for you, I was born with an everlasting love for sweets and breakfast food. Pair that with my healthy lifestyle and you got yourself a Nutritious Kitchen website 😉

Blueberry waffles are the perfect brunch food. And it just so happens that mother’s day is this Sunday. Last week I posted 15 brunch ideas to treat your mamma to, and that got me into the “brunch” mood. Well let’s be honest, I am ALWAYS in the mood for brunch usb dac.

My ideal day consists of breakfast, brunch and brinner. With a dessert to finish it all off of course. Dream life.

This past weekend I threw a pre-mother’s day brunch for my mom and these waffles were the main event along with some scrambled eggs and turkey on the side to get in that protein! We both had a good workout that day so a decadent brunch was much needed designer sales.