the traditional cupcake

Cupcakes!! I love cupcakes. Especially moist, fluffy cupcakes with a ton of cream cheese frosting. I mean a TON of frosting, more frosting than cupcake please! There is a bakery in my area that has these HUGE cupcakes, bigger than the size of your fist. They are good, but almost too much. I only needed to eat like a quarter of one to be satisfied. Now, after my journey I probably wouldn’t even walk into the store to be honest. Plus, they don’t have cream cheese frosting… tsk tsk. Discovering how to make cream cheese frosting  and that it existed was a defining moment for me. It all began back when I made homemade healthier cinnamon rolls.

My goal was to create a cupcake that was healthier with a lower-sugar content compared to the traditional cupcake.  I’ve been experimenting with beans in baked goods and created my Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites. Those turned out delicious so I figured why not try it in a cupcake? Don’t be afraid of beans in baked goods, you have no clue they are in there but they kick it into the healthier realm with the added fiber and protein in them. I used a little cake flour in order to get the fluffier, airier aspect of a cupcake and it worked FABULOUS.